Necklace with Picture Inside | Heart Projection necklace | Mom Photo Necklace with Engraving

  • Material: Copper
  • Color: Silver, Rose Gold
  • Style: Personalised
  • Chain Length: 40.00+5.00cm
  • Weight: 4.80g

Discover the perfect way to keep your cherished memories close to your heart with our custom engraved photo projection necklace. This exquisite necklace with picture inside offers a unique way to treasure a special moment. The centrepiece of this elegant accessory is its ability to project a photo inside, transforming a simple piece of jewelry into a heartfelt keepsake.
The necklace features a sleek, circular pendant, flawlessly crafted to ensure a timeless design. Its surface is meticulously engraved, offering a personalized touch that makes this piece unique. Whether a photo of a beloved family member, a cherished pet, or a memorable moment, the projection feature brings your chosen image to life discreetly yet magically.
This necklace complements any outfit, making it an ideal accessory for casual and formal occasions. The copper construction provides a warm, inviting glow and ensures durability and longevity.
Perfect as a thoughtful gift for moms, this necklace allows you to engrave a special message or date alongside the photo projection, adding an extra layer of personalization. Each necklace is carefully crafted to capture the essence of your photo, creating a piece that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

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