Personalized 1-5 Baby Feet Necklace, Engraved Name Necklace, Pearl Custom Necklace for Mom


Embrace the profound joy of motherhood with our Custom Baby Feet Pearl Necklace, a poignant symbol of the treasured journey of parenting. This personalized masterpiece is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, including stainless steel and copper, and adorned with elegant pearls, available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Steel finishes. 

This personalized necklace combines the personal touch of a Custom Necklace, an Engraved Necklace, and a Name Necklace into one exquisite piece. It features 1-5 adorable baby feet pendants that can be personalized with the names of her children. To customize, simply provide the names in the order notes during checkout, making it a stylish accessory and a meaningful keepsake.

Each baby foot pendant is paired with a lustrous pearl, adding a touch of refined elegance and sophistication. The necklace's dimensions are 500* 13* 9 mm, ensuring that each element is displayed beautifully and proportionally along the chain. Weighing about 26.6g, this personalized birthstone necklace has a comfortable yet substantial feel, suitable for special occasions and everyday wear, making every mother feel special.

With a chain length of 45+5cm, this necklace offers a versatile fit that is perfect for any mom or mom-to-be. It’s an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or as a heartfelt gesture to celebrate new mothers or the growing family, understanding the different roles and stages of motherhood.

Color: Gold/Rose Gold/Steel
Material: Stainless Steel/Pearl/Copper
Style: Personalized Necklace/Custom Necklace/Engraved Necklace/Name Necklace
Chain Length: 45+5cm
Size: 500*13*9mm
Weight: About 26.6g